There could have been no bigger blockbuster than Eddie Guerrero vs Shawn Michaels showdown at WrestleMania  The fans went insane after hearing the news.

Shawn Michaels was made to blow the roof off the place every time he would step in the ring at WrestleMania. Fans, isn’t it exciting?  The raw charisma of Eddie vs the all-in attitude of HBK would have made the match legendary.  Another major fan-pitted rivalry would be The Undertaker vs Sting, which would have definitely loved by the fans too. The world could have seen the most iconic faces of wrestling history face off against each other at the biggest stage.

Unfortunately, we can’t have onboard our Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan.  Judging by the fact that the match between Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels was so close to fruition, it is definitely a shame that they never saw each other at WrestleMania 22.