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How Did Ashley Sawyer Die? Cause Of Death Revealed: What Killed Catfish Season 2 Sensation?

How Did Ashley Sawyer Died?

Ashley Sawyer was a model, actress, and social media influencer. She got famous through her vlogs and YouTube videos. On her YouTube account, she posted videos related to her daily activities.

Her social media presence helped her to achieve massive backing from the audience and an enormous subscriber base of 6 million on YouTube. Americans used to adore her and give a favorable response to her videos. Her net worth was about $2 million. She had aspirations of acting on broadway and collaborating with well-known stars in Hollywood films and TV shows.

The Tragic Reality of ‘Catfish’ – A Love Story Gone Wrong

How Did Ashley Sawyer Died?

Catfish season 2 gave Ashley and her online partner Mike to convert their online relationship into a real one. Both of them got connected through an online chat room. Their relationship grew from a close friendship to online dating. During the first 6years of the relationship, they use to speak on the phone and text.

They got “catfish-ed” by each other as Mike never showed her a real picture of himself. After the show ended they were in contact and were good friends. A few months after the show aired, Mike passed away at the age of 26 from a blood clot.

How Did Ashley Sawyer Die? The Tragic Death of Ashley Sawyer

Unfortunately, Ashley too passed away, her death made headlines all over the internet 3 years after Mike’s astonishing death. Her fans went into shock as the woman they adored the most passed away at such an early age of 23. As per reports, she died due to overdosed drugs other than health issues.

She was a very lively person and had reiterated several times in a special interview conducted by MTV that she was struggling with addiction and was trying medications for it. Her death shocked her fans as well as her colleagues and friends and they made their appearance at her home in Alabama to offer her condolences.

More About Ashley Sawyer:

How Did Ashley Sawyer Died?

In September of 2013, during season 2 episode 10 of Catfish: The TV Show, Ashley Sawyer tried to find the person she had been chatting with online. Ashley’s episode uncovered that she had been sending fake photos of herself to “Mike” for seven years.

According to the story, Mike resided in New Jersey, which was hundreds of miles distant from Ashley. Ashley and Mike developed a connection online, but it was quickly revealed that Mike had been lying about who he really was. Although this was unexpected, at the end of the Catfish episode, they were on good terms.


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