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House of The Dragon: Will The Game of Thrones’s prequel premiere on HBO in 2022?

House of The Dragon is a prequel to the very famous series, Game of Thrones. The series is under development and is being directed by Ryan J. Condal and George R.R. Martin. Tentatively, the series is scheduled to release in 2022.

Program creator Miguel Sapochnik is integrally involved in the production of the series. In HBO’s Game of Thrones, Sapochnik was behind the success of the very famous mega-hit battles like The Battle of Bastards and the Winds of Winter.

At present 10 episodes have been signed by HBO for the House of the Dragon. The series Game of Thrones was winded up with its eighth season in 2019. The ending of the series was quite controversial and unsatisfactory according to most of the critics. This gives the GOT fans a chance to explore more about the GOT franchise with the upcoming spin-off House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon is well ahead into the development and here is what you can expect.

What to expect from the upcoming HBO series House of Dragon?

The premise of House of the Dragon is penned by Condal is largely based on George R.R. Martin’s book, Fire and Blood. It will take the viewers to 300 years ahead of the actions of Game of Thrones.

The series explores the lineage of the famed House Targaryen. It will set up the events for the rise of House Targaryen soon after Aegon conquers the land. One of the interesting events in the how will be The Targaryen Civil War which is also known as the Dance of the Dragons.

Casey Bloys, the President of Programming at HBO calls this show a “big and complicated” task.

As the series is in very early stages of production with the screenplay under development, the casting list is not revealed yet. Casting is in the process but as of now, nothing has been finalized for the House of Dragon team.

When can we expect  House of the Dragon to premiere on HBO?

According to the reports, the series is set to premiere in 2022. According to Casey Bloys, the series will not take less than two years for production and hence a lot of effort will be required in the development of this show.



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