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House of cards season: Cancelled for the seventh season: Here’s all the recent updates

House of cards is not coming back with its seventh season any soon. Despite its huge fan base and wide acknowledgment in and out of America, the show will not make any comeback, as per sources indicate.

House of cards is an American political drama, which was created by Beau Willimon in 2013. The fictional character of Frank Underwood and his wife Claire Underwood impressed the fans deliberately. Thus, the seventh round of the series was highly anticipated by fans.

Reports confirm that the misfortune behind the development of another season has been the physical assault on Anthony Rapp when he was only fourteen years old. After the sixth season of the show, Anthony made out a public complaint against Kevin Spacey, the lead of the show, for physical harassment and molestation against her. The case became even severe when everybody came to learn Anthony was a minor at that time.

As per sources, Kevin Spacey had to leave the show after the incident. Although, the blame against Kevin was never confirmed nor rejected and there has been no more news regarding it. His departure suggests that chances of another season coming soon is very minimal, as Netflix finally called off the house of cards.

The show was adapted from the 1990 BBC series, which is also based on the 1989 book, written by Micheal Dobbs. Despite the mishaps, the show will continue to be a landmark in the history of TV channels.

Counting to the popularity of the show and fans’ anticipation, another round might come up in the future. But there is no official nod from Netflix or production house as of now.
If the season is renewed, most of the characters are likely to reprise except Kevin. Kevin Spacey aka Frank Underwood can be assumed to be in the throw list as per news till now.

However, amongst the other members, Robin Wright might be back as Claire Underwood, Michael Kelly as Douglas Stamper aka Doug, and Diane Lane as Annette Shepherd. Other casts very likely will consist of Campbell Scott as Vice president Mark Usher, Derek Fern as Seth Grayson, Cody Fern as Duncan Shepherd. Athena Karkanis is assumed to play the debut of Melody Cruz and Kate Mara is likely to play the role of Zoe Barnes, the reporter, only if the seventh round is revived.

If the season is renewed, the house of the card without Kevin is going to be a main attraction for the viewers this time and a challenge for the creator to make up the show without Kevin. These are all the recent updates about the upcoming season. Look on our page for further updates.

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