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House of Cards Season 7: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything

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House of cards season 7 is an American drama based on prominent politics. House of cards is created by Beau Willimon. The American political series that has become more appreciated than hated around the world. This program has six seasons to go. Conversely, the buzz about the seventh season is in the press, and it’s disappointing. This series is said to be an adaptation of the 1990 BBC series. Also, this BBC series is based on the 1989 novel which was written by Michael Dobbs.

On 11 October 2017, the show was updated for season 6. Afterward, Anthony Rapp, one of the actors in the show, made a public complaint. He had stated how Spacey, the main man of the film, had made an inappropriate attempt on him. Anthony Rapp is said to have been 14 then. In response, Netflix announced that season 6 will be the final season of the show. Gossip and Fan’s suspicions say that the program has been canceled because of the accusations. This hypothesis was neither proven nor rejected.

Here is some of the information you need to find out about the series.

House of Cards season 7 release date!

Well, the producers have made it apparent that perhaps the House of Cards is not expected to get a seventh season. It’s a bit of bad information for many of the fans here who have been desperately hoping to hear any great news in the wake of this worldwide pandemic.

In 2017, Netflix indeed stated that season 6 of the show will be the final and last season. Three years later, viewers still hope that the show will make an appearance.

Maybe there’s a chance for season 7 because the show has been a huge success over the last six seasons. However, not enough is being said and there have been no official statements.

As there is no official news for the renewal of this show until then the fans can have fun by watching all the episodes till season six on Netflix.

House of Cards season 7: some serious facts!

The most unfortunate thing which happened behind the making of the series, which also became a fact for not making a renewal of the series, was the sexual assault on Anthony Rapp who was only 14 years old by the lead actor of the series Kevin Spacey. And it became more horrifying when everyone came to know that Anthony Rapp was only 14 when this thing happened with him.

And it’s said that Kevin Spacey had to leave after these allegations made on him and also as he was the main character of the series the show had to stop there only. This is why there is a little chance that the series will get renewed.

House of Cards season 7 cast!

We hope that the casts from past seasons will stay and regain their positions. But this is only feasible if the series comes back for next season.  The main character Kevin Spacey is unlikely to come back. It’s not explicit, but there are rumors that the series has been canceled due to sexual assault.

Since the storyline of the series tends to revolve around the lead, Kevin Spacey, who plays the leading role as Frank Underwood.

Robin Wright even plays the part of Claire Underwood, Frank’s wife.

Kate Mara plays as Zoe Barnes, A Reporter, and Michael Kelly plays as Douglas is also included in this political drama series.

House of Cards season 7 plot!

The concept of the House of Cards is made up of Congressman Frank Underwood. In comparison, Frank is a Democrat. It’s from South Carolina. His wife, Claire Underwood, is with him. She’s almost as positive as Frank.

The plot then goes on, as Frank is not named Secretary of State. Then, he makes a thorough strategy, with his wife following along. Much of this is achieved to obtain control. The series contains the shades of greed, control, idealism, fraud, and coercion.


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