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Hoonifox – Ken Block’s latest toy

Ken Block, who is also the brand ambassador of Ford, has a deep fetish of smoking tires and burning rubbers and while people across the world have been locked up in their homes, there seems to be no stopping for the folks at Hoonigan.

Ken Block owns a number of “Hooniganed” Ford cars that he uses to raise the adrenaline levels of fans. The latest creation is what is called the “Hoonifox”.

The name clearly originates from the “Fox Body” name applied to this age of Mustang, and it’s turned out to be dreadfully mainstream as of late. The photographs are just renderings for the present, however they flaunt a genuinely executioner looking vehicle that should work well for upcoming additions to the Gymkhana series.

Using the third-age Mustang which lasted from 1979 to 1993 and was also to a great extent disliked, it’s the most recent high-torque beast Ford from Ken and his drift-loving supporters at Hoonigan Racing. Set to be utilized in the eleventh episode of his Gymkhana arrangement, Ken has enrolled the assistance of the man behind the forthcoming new Batmobile – Ash Thorpe – in order to help with the execution of the beefy Fox Body.

The Hoonifox, just like all the other Hoonicorn vehicles, is going to be fed with a wide-body unit that sits over some genuinely substantial tires. The bodypack that the rendered images show us is wide to such an extent that it’s anything but difficult to tell where the Mustang really dwells when taking a gander at the vehicle from the back. The Hoonifox’s track has been siphoned out for squat and square-shaped measurements while present-day WRC-roused over bumpers have been incorporated to give it Eighties shoulder braces.

Though there is no word yet upon what will power the Hoonifox, However, we think that engineers at Hoonigan are going to have a hard time choosing the apt powertrain, as the buffet of choices is wide and laden with tempting choices. Some of the most probable engine options can be the twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 from the Ford GT, or the naturally aspirated Roush Yates V8 from Hoonicorn V1. The Hoonifox may as well undergo some electrification and borrow the electric drivetrain from the new Mustang Mach E, or even better, the electric motors from the 1,400hp electric Mustang drag vehicle.

Leaving out the powertrain assumptions for now, what we actually are sure of is that we’ll soon witness Ken Block furnace-ing the rubber in this Mustang.

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