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High Fidelity season 2: Cancelled or coming back with Cherise-lead show?

Based on the most popular novel by Nick Hornby, the musical drama show is not going to be renewed soon. Hulu’s cancellation of the show shocked fans and critics. Star Ben-Adair was equally not happy with the decision because he expected something new, innovative, and different for season 2.

However, the news came as a disappointment to its fans, more unfortunate would be to know that season 2 will be going to focus on the hilarious Da’Vine Joy Randolph, aka Cherise in character. As Ben -Adair confirmed in an interview that Cherise is gonna the showstopper. The story will be emphasizing on her lifestyles, her heartbreaks, and family background. They just ended the show when it was about to happen.

Cast member Zoe Kravitz also addressed that idea is to give Cherise a season-long treatment in the second show just like Rob in the first season. However, with Hulu canceling the show, she expressed her deep worry and disappointment by an Instagram post

Season 1 was a huge success and has left fans at a huge cliffhanger, leaving spots for season 2. If it is renewed, the show is likely to cast Zoe Kravitz as Rob and Jake Lacy as Clyde. Da’ Vine Joy Randolph can feature as Cherise, David H. Holmes, as Simon KingsleyCherise.

The expected plot if season 2 returns:

Randolph’s character, although spent much of her role surrounding Rob in the latter part, was visualized as an artist with a performance of Stevie Wonder’s “I believe,” but viewers are left hanging about her state. “Will Cherise be recognized for her musical visionary?” The fans might be anxious about Cherise and her lead in the second season only if it shows up.

Season 2 will likely spotlight Rob this time, highlighting her evolution to being a woman. At the same time, she was seen dating Clyde in the last season but was much attracted to her ex Mac. Season 2 can be critical and challenging at the same time as Rob might be trying to figure out what she wants.

It is also expected that Kravitz will be adding some unique content to the show in its second release as She has been crucially connected with the production process. However, no information on it has been revealed.

The most important question that lies it whether High fidelity will return with its second round of the series will be dismissed after the only the first season. All we can do is sit and wait for any update from the Fidelity house.

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