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Here’s why “Unbelievable” will make no expansion?

Unbelievable season 2 will have no more reinstallment. As per information, Marie’s Plot has a perfect ending and concluded on a satisfactory note. Therefore, there will be no expansion of the show. However, after the first season is so popular, fans are now in demand for another season.

A ray of hope comes with news that Marie is rethinking to convert the show into anthology series like Horror ones. Pull your ropes; the news has not been officially confirmed. The fate of the series stands uncertain.


Unbelievable is a crime-drama based on a true rape incident. The series is originally an adaption of the news article of 2015 “A Believable story of Rape,” written by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong. The crime drama was first streamed in September 2019, produced by Susannah Grant, Ayelet Waldman, and Micheal Chabon.

The plot revolves around the teenage Marie Adler, who complains of being raped. The story follows with two lady detectives who were trying to find out the truth. The investigation started with the assumption that the teenager is making false accusations. However, the two female detectives were successful in finding the truth and putting the attackers behind bars. This wrapped out the last season. If one more season comes up, there is no storyline we can predict now.

Critics appreciated the series based on its natural vibes and excellent cinematography. However, there have been many more series with similar stories. Unbelievable has touched the heart of the fans and gives it the feel unbelievable. Fans have also remarked the groundbreaking performance by the entire cast.


If another season comes in, one can expect the following casts to appear. Toni Collette can be seen playing the debut of Grace Rasmussen, the female detective, Merritt Wever, as Karen Duvall, aka the second female detective, and Kaitlyn Dever as Marie Adler, the victim of sexual assault.

The subject content of Unbelievable is brutally honest but brings with it a debate on sexual assault and the treatment of victims. Marie’s story came to an end when she was freed from the truth, but as per reviews, Unbelievable season2 can bring Wever and Collette back with another concentrated real-life case.

That’s all we know about Unbelievable season 2. Stay tuned for more information.


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