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Here’s The Reason Behind Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ And Its Gigantic Success

‘Tiger King’ came at the right time. When the whole world was experiencing a lockdown with not much to do at home rather than watch something online, ‘Tiger King’ appeared to help out with passing time. This is also considered to be one of the main reasons why it has been such a massive success in terms of viewers.

After what seems like forever, Honest Trailers finally released its latest review. The famous YouTube channel made a video, wherein the reviewers took a hit at ‘Tiger King.’ The creators of the YouTube channel, Andy Signore and Brett Weiner seem to think that there was not much to ‘Tiger King’ and the not-so-exotic life of Joe King. It goes without saying that the part where this Netflix original is a massive hit among the audience is true. The series revolves around some of the biggest names in the U.S. that belong to the “big cat” industry or the industry of lions and tigers. The main characters in the series are zoo owner and tiger tamer, Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage or also commonly known as Joe Exotic.

The series explores the time when Joe Exotic was at the peak of his career and also his journey that included actions that led to his 22-year-old jail time. He had to face the sentence over plotting to murder his competitor and equally-proclaimed wildlife advocate and sanctuary owner, Carole Baskin.

The review video released by Honest Trailers begins by talking about the success that surrounds the Netflix original. Immediately thereafter, they state that the show’s success comes out of the fact that most of its viewers are facing the ultimate quarantine fear, boredom, and isolation. They also ended up highlighting numerous quotes, calling them “bizarre.” They called the series “one part Christopher Guest movie” and something that consisted of no authentic element. The review video further ends up explaining the rules of becoming a part of the U.S.-based big-cat industry. They speak of factors such as polygamy, paranoia and an innate desire to become popular on social media, as some of the things that will make you a part of the big-cat industry.

The creators of Honest Trailers also end up roasting the main characters of the series. Along with Joe Exotic, they poke fun at Carole Baskin by stating that she practically laughs at everything that she says. They end up revealing that some celebrities have also visited the infamous zoos. The list of celebrities that have visited the zoos includes Shaquille O’Neal, Logan Paul, and Beyonce to name a few.

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