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Here is everything we know about Stargate Universe Season 3!

Stargate Universe season 3

Stargate Universe season 3 has been quite speculated whether the third season would release or not. Season 3 of this series will not be revived by the production. Syfy channel had agreed to cancel the series. The official statement was made in 2011.

The unanswered questions that had arisen from the ending of the previous season will be left as it was, and there will be no conclusion to those mysteries. Stargate Universe is widely loved and appreciated for its intriguing plotline. However, the series was not receiving a good rating from the audience and the critics.


Stargate Universe is a Canadian-American military sci-fi television series. It was a part of MGM’s Stargate permit and was broadcasted in the Syfy channel. The series had depicted how a research team was developed on an ancient spaceship named Destiny. It showed their ordeals to go back to Earth from billions of years away.

While the fans and the audience of Stargate Universe showed excitement, it had lacked in the ratings. There was a continual drop in viewers when the first portion led to a shift of timeslot in the second season. This again only saw the ratings plunge further. Syfy channel in 2011 had stated that they wouldn’t be remaking the third instalment for the show. Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper created this show. The producer of the show is Carl Binder.

Is Stargate Universe season 3 cancelled?

The Stargate series was not achieving a decent number of audiences, which could have helped the show to continue its third instalment. But the show has failed miserably and could not gain a good rating since its opening. This led the Syfy to not create the third series of the show. It was officially declared in 2011 that there wouldn’t be the third season of Stargate Universe.

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