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Here are the new updates of the well-known Lebanese drama Al Hayba season 4!

Al Hayba, An original series in the Lebanese Arabic language, written by Hozan Akko and directed by Samer Barqawi. The series was initially released to the Arab nations on 27 May 2017 in the Arabic dialect and later Netflix grabbed the series and translated it into other dialects. The previous or third season was officially released in the year 2019.

 What is the Al Hayba series about?

A fiction based on the chief smuggler struggling to win power against his opposite gang with a tricky love story.  As per the sources, it was confirmed by the officials of the series that the sequel will return with its season 4 of Al Hayba along with the past seasons’ lead characters. 

When can the fans expect to watch Al Hayba season 4 on-screen? 

The previous three seasons of Al Hayba had a tradition of releasing the episodes between only the months of  May and June. So Season 4 was also intended to be released in May 2020. But due to the endless issue of the pandemic, the release date was postponed for now. The release date is not confirmed yet, but we can get season 4 anytime in between this year 2020. 

What will happen in Al Hayba season 4?

The storyline of season 4 is kept confidential and the crew members have not spilled any details on the plot to the viewers so far in a strategy to uphold the craze among the fans for the upcoming episodes. 

In the final episode, we saw that Jabal Sheikh Aljabal was dead in his car. Later it was verified that it was an imagination of Nour. The plot is yet to be leaked, but we can ensure that the upcoming season will be full of twists and twirls.

The stars of Al Hayba are soon to return in their season 4

As per the requirement of Season 4, we can expect 

  • Muna Wassef to return as Nahid Imran, 
  • Alia’s role played by Nadine Nassib 
  • Valerie Abou as Maryam, 
  • Said Serhan as Ali, 
  • Taim Hasan to play as Jabal, 
  • Abdelnour as Nour Rahman, 
  • Owais Mukhalalati to be played as Sakher,
  • Abdo Shahine as Shahine,
  • Rozina Lazkani as Mouna, 
  • Nicole Saba as Sumaya,
  • Michael Hourani as Majdi,


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