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Here Are The 5 Worst Graphics Cards Ever To Exist!

Have you ever considered some of history’s worst graphics cards? We’ll go through some of these cards in this post.

List of the Worst GPUs

1- Nvidia Titan X

The Titan Xp is the worst graphics card ever installed on a computer. By the way, Nvidia has introduced two Titans to the market: the GTX Titan X and the Pascal Titan X. We’re only discussing the “Pascal” version here. To begin with, anything labelled “Titan” does not imply that it is a high-performer. You get 12GB DDR5 VRAM with this graphics card, which most users believe will make it powerful in any work.

Well, a higher amount of VRAM on this graphics card can let you play games at 1440p resolution. However, you can play games at higher resolution by spending less amount of money. The price point at which Nvidia Titan X comes is not fair enough at all, not in the year 2022 we might say.

2- AMD 5450

Despite the fact that the AMD HD 5450 is the most energy-efficient graphics card available, you should not expect it to perform well. The HD 5450’s poor performance is due to its old 1 GB GDDR3 video memory, lower base clock speed, and other factors. The majority of people opt to get this card since it is less expensive and serves as an excellent upgrade to get rid of an integrated chipset.

3- AMD R9 285

Although AMD’s current generation cards are slightly superior than Nvidia’s, it appears that the “Red Team” didn’t put enough power into their R9-Series GPUs to defeat the “Green Team.” Despite the fact that this graphics card is now almost 8 years old, many people still choose it because of its low price. The R9-285 was powerful enough to play popular games at the time, but its 2GB VRAM is still dubious if you buy it in 2022.

4- Nvidia GeForce 210

The reduced performance of this card might be caused by the GPU’s 1GB of DDR3 memory and insufficient base clock speed. However, coupling it with a current-generation CPU might be the most crucial factor. When an obsolete graphics card is used with a current-generation CPU, performance may suffer.

5- Radeon M470X

The Radeon RX 400 series offered decent value on the desktop, albeit it wasn’t the most power-efficient when compared to Nvidia’s GeForce 10 series. This was bad news for the Radeon RX M400 series, with the ‘M’ denoting that this is the mobile version. The RX M400 series was so poor for laptops that only a few vendors manufactured devices that supported it. The main issue here was power consumption, which had a knock-on impact on mobile parts, destroying everything. Because of the low efficiency, AMD had to reduce the Radeon RX M470X’s stream processors from 2048 to 896, a staggering 56 per cent drop.


Hopefully, you now have enough information on the worst graphics cards on the market to make an informed decision. Remember that this is based on our personal view on these GPUs. You may come across a variety of viewpoints based on personal experiences with these graphics cards.

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