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Heavy or Light Weights: Which One Should You Go For?

Weightlifting is a popular type of workout that enables one to gain more strength and increase the size of their muscles. The dumbbells and weights use the force of gravity to oppose the energy created by one’s muscles through concentric concentration. It is not easy to choose the type of weights that can help you build your muscles faster and most efficiently.

Before selecting the loads to use, there are factors that one needs to take into consideration. One of the elements is what you need to achieve after weightlifting. If you aim to have significant and visible muscles, then heavy weights are a better option for you. On the other hand, if you want to achieve lean muscles, then light weights are the best.

Another critical factor is to consider how much time you need to achieve what you are aiming for. If it’s a lifetime workout, then light weights will undoubtedly help you achieve your goals. Yes, light weights can also help you gain bulk muscles. Research done by a scientist in 2009 proved that the critical factor behind muscle-building is muscle fatigue.

Advantages of Lifting Light Weights

There are several instances where light weights are preferred to heavy loads. These scenarios include the following.

Light Weights Favor Beginners

Exercising is a step-by-step process. This Means that you have to start from the most straightforward workout and progress once you get comfortable doing the simple workouts. Therefore, if you a newbie to weightlifting, then light weights are the best choice for you.

The light weights will help your body adapt, and you will therefore lift the heavy with much more ease.You can also check out Steroidsfax for workout supplements to help you make the jump from lighter weights to heavier ones. Besides that, they will help boost your endurance levels.

Reduced Risk of Being Injured

When lifting light weights, you have more control and balance of your body compared to when you lift a heavy load. A 5-pound dumbbell will cause less serious injury ifit accidentally falls on your feet compared to a 20-pound weight. Moreover, people who lift heavy weights risk injuring their back.

You Can Incorporate Other Workouts

This is certainly an advantage that only comes with lifting light weights. After lifting the weights, one could do another more complicated exercise before starting another set of weightlifting. This will help in maintaining your heart rate and could also help you build more resistance, hence making you adapt faster to the challenge.

At some points, lifting heavy weights is also advantageous. The advantages of lifting heavy weights may include:

Helps You Build Visible Muscles Faster

As already mentioned, muscles grow when one exercises to the point of muscle fatigue. Lifting heavy weights allows you to work more muscles to the end of exhaustion in a short time.


To gain muscles, you should exercise to a point where you can’t lift any more. Therefore, no matter how light the weights are, they can make you stronger, but within different amounts of time. It is evident that if one person lifts a 20-pound weight five times and another person lifts a 5-pound weight 20 times until they can lift no more, both of them will be stronger and gain more muscles.

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