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Has the production of The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 been resumed ?

Hulu’s award winning adaptation of the dystopian novel of Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale has now resumed the production for the fourth season. The production was stalled till late August owing to the coronavirus pandemic. This has pushed the premiere date of season 4 to 2021.

The series was updated for a fourth season in June, 2019. This was announced via a tweet. “You did this, Resistors. Praise be. Season 4 of The #HandmaidsTale is happening!” The filming had just entered two weeks of production, before it was called off. The producers of the show have decided the make the series longer than usual.

The hiatus period was actively used by the writers to complete the script of season 4. The writers of the show are using this period to pen down the script. The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 will premiere on season 4 post release.

In the lead cast of The Handmaid’s Tale we have Elisabeth Moss, Alexis Bledel, Ann Dowd Yvonne Strahovski and Joseph Fiennes.

Is the trailer for season 4 available?

Here’s a teaser trailer released by Hulu from the early stages of shooting.

Elizabeth Moss who plays June Osborne is seen in the trailer. The trailer has a vivid air of suspense and tension. June Osborne says, “Change isn’t going to come easy, this war isn’t going to win itself.” We can expect something big to happen in season 4.

When will season 4 of The Handmaids Tale premiere?

Season 4 was announced on 26th of July, 2019. The delay in the shooting will significantly push the release date to later date. As of now, it is expected that the series will release sometime in 2021. But it is not confirmed yet.

Who will be seen in The Handmaids Take Season 4?

McKenna Grace (The Haunting of Hill House) has been introduced to season 4 as Mrs. Keyes. She will play a recurring character from now on.

The cast of The Handmaid’s Tale includes

1) Elizabeth Moss in the role ofJune Osborne
2) Yvonne Strahovski plays Serena Joy,
3) Ann Dowd plays Aunt Lydia,
4) O.T. Fagbenle plays Luke,
5) Alexis Bledel plays Emily and
6) Joseph Fiennes plays Commander Waterford.

What will happen in The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4?

As the war is not over yet, and June Osborne is on her mission to free the daughters out of Gilead to take them to Canada, season 4 will offer a compelling and gripping story line.



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