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Has The Darkest Mind 2 been renewed or cancelled?

The Darkest Minds Season 2

The Darkest Mind is an American dystopian superhero film released in 2018. The film is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and written by Chad Hodge. The story is based on Alexandra Bracken’s young adult of the same name which released in 2012.  The film received negative reviews from the critics for acting, direction, and screenplay. Now The Darkest Mind 2 release is making the news. As per sources, the film is not renewed for a sequel.

Brief Details About The Darkest Mind 2 –

There has been no official announcement on the sequel of the film. The first film released in 2018 and it took almost 4 years for creators to create the film. As per reports, the sequel could release in 2022 or 2023 but nothing can be confirmed till the official announcements are made. The director of the film once in an interview said if a sequel is made she would be happy to direct. But due to poor performance and negative reviews from the critic’s chances are less.

Since the sequel is not yet planned its difficult to predict the plot and the cast of the story. The audience will have to wait for the official announcement for the details related to the sequel. The trailer and teaser are also not been officially announced.

Brief Background Of The Darkest Mind –

Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration a contagious disease kills 98% of the children and teenagers. Those survive are left with unusual abilities. These survivors are imprisoned worldwide and they have superpowers. Ruby Daly is an Orange and she has the psionic ability to get into people’s minds. She manages to escape from the prison and joins a resistance group. This group helps her to fight for her future. A worker in the camp gives her a panic button that she can activate whenever she is in danger. Ruby gets vision by touching another member of the camp. She then becomes suspicious of their intension.

The main cast includes Amandla Stenberg, Harris Dickinson, Miya Cech, Skylan Brooks, Mandy Moore, Gwendoline Christie, Patrick Gibson, Bradley Whitford, Mark O’Brien, Wallace Langham, Golden Brooks, Lidya Jewett, Sammi Rotibi, Wade Williams, Peyton Wich, McCarrie McCausland, Catherine Dyer


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