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Harry Potter stars James, Oliver Phelps, and Bonnie Wright reunited virtually

Our favorite Harry Potter stars were delighted their fans again by reuniting virtually, which proved that the relationships between our favorite actors are very much real and true rather than fictional. On 7th May, the most famous Harry Potter actors, James and Oliver Phelps, who played the role of Fred and George Weasley, respectively in the fantasy movie, were reunited with the special guest Bonnie Wright, who played the role of their sister as Ginny Weasley in the film.

The fans were very pleased to see their favorites Weasley family’s reunion amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Reportedly, during the reunion, the great trio has discussed many things, including their work, personal life, and they also recalled their memorable time on the Harry Potter films. The scene of King’s Cross station was also recalled that they were shot in the first movie.

The famous Hollywood actress Bonnie Wright also disclosed how she felt at the time of the shooting of the most successful film Harry Potter and said she was very anxious and nervous about starring her role in the super hit film Harry Potter. Our favorite actress Bonnie Wright also mentioned that when she met the most famous actress, comedian, and author Julie Walters who played the role of her mother as Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter film series (2001–2011) after that she felt relaxed and comfortable.

The multi-talented British actress Ginny Weasley aka Bonnie Wright also praised the Harry Potter filmmakers and added that the filmmakers were very professional, tightly disciplined, and focused on the job at hand.

In addition to this, Bonnie Francesca Wright continued having too many young actors on board the movie set could have very messy, but the work of producers was up to the mark and very satisfied as well, as they smartly handled them on the film sets. James and Oliver Phelps’ podcast is labeled Double Trouble.

Though, two long decades have passed since our beloved Harry potter cast met. Around 20 years ago, when the first movie of this fantastic Harry Potter series was released, the cast met on the film set. All the fans were so gratified to see their favorite cast together for a candid chat during the coronavirus lockdown.

The die heart fans and film viewers have a very strong connection with the amazing Harry Potter film series. However, the recent podcast of the Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright, James, and Oliver Phelps will definitely bring a smile on every fan’s face.

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