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Harrison Ford is returning with Indiana Jones 5

After a decade, finally, the Disney Studio has agreed to return with a sequel five on Indiana Jones. The sequel 4 was released over a decade before, but the hunger for the fifth movie never ended, though the fourth movie was not a great success compared to the other Indiana Jones.

And now the wait is over; the officials have affirmed part five of the adventure movie. Will Harrison Ford return to reprise his role with his hat? Did the director get off from his seat for Indiana Jones 5? Read further to know the cast, plot, release date, and the latest updates on the fifth sequel. 

Cast of Indiana Jones 5

The actor Harrison Ford recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Will the actor return to reprise his role in part 5? This is the critical suspicion the fans need an answer for. The producer announced that yes, Harrison would return with the hat to give birth to his iconic role as no can do it better than him. Shia LaBeouf will not be returning to play his role as the son of Indiana Jones. Karen Allen may possibly return to play the role of Marion Ravenwood. The other characters are not confirmed about returning in part five of Indiana Jones.

 The director Steven Spielberg has stepped down from his seat, and James Mangold will be taking his place. The co-creator will also not be involved in the upcoming part. The fans are slightly nervous about part five due to the exchange of directors.

What will happen in Indiana Jones 5?

The makers have not released any details about the plot. There may be some changes as some of the main characters are not returning in part five. So, to compromise that, there will be some changes in the plot. The director has said that Indiana Jones 5 will be something unique than the others that fans might not have anticipated. 

When will it be on screen? Indiana Jones 5

The part was confirmed in 2015, but the film never came to light. Recently, the makers have said that the fifth part will be released on 29 July 2022 after the crystal skull releases. The fans might have a wait a little longer due to the corona pandemic issues. 

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