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Harold Ford Morrison: What is Toni Morrison;s son doing now?

Harold Ford Morrison net worth

Harold Ford Morrison is the son of the famous Toni Morrison. Toni was a novelist, professor and essayist. She was famous for her book Song of Solomon. This gave her the National Book Critics Award. She is also a Nobel Prize winner. However, her son Ford Morrison is not following his mother’s footsteps and is an architect in Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory. To know more about Harrison Ford Morrison, continue reading this article.

Childhood and early life

Harold Ford Morrison was born on 18 June 1961, in Jamaica. His parents were Toni Morrison and Harold Morrison. Harold was an architect and his son was also influenced by his works and decided to take it up as his career. He admired his father a lot during his childhood even though he was mostly raised by his mother. The couple married in 1985 but the two broke it off years later. He also had a slight interest in politics and literature. Ford completed his education from Berkeley at the University of California and in London, at the Architectural Association. He also has a sibling Slade Morrison. However, he died due to pancreatic cancer at a young age.

Personal life and career

Harold Ford Morrison wanted to be an architect at a young age. He was inspired by his fathers work, even though his mother is a Nobel prize winner for her writings. Ford hasn’t entered the field of writing as of now. He works as an architect in the Plasma Physics Laboratory for Princeton University. There is no detailed information about his personal life and marriage. If we find out anything, we shall update them here and let our readers know.

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What is the net worth of Harold Ford Morrison?

Harold Ford Morrison is known to have a net worth of about $20 million. All of this income from his career as a Plasma Physics Laboratory Architect.

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