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Harley Quinn: What mental illness does she suffering from?

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Dr. Harley Frances Quinzel, popularly known as Harley Quinn is a fictional character who appears in comics and films created by DC Entertainment. She was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm as a new supervillain and a partner to Joker. Her first appearance was in Batman: The animated series released back in 1992.

Harley Quinn is the lover of Joker, who was her patient when she worked as a part-time psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum in Gotham City. She has also worked with villains like Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Ivy is a close friend and is romantically connected. In some comics, she has been shown as a villain and is recurring in Suicide Squad. In some other media, she is shown as a supervillain and the lover of Joker. Her first debut in the theatres was with the film “Suicide Squad”.


Harley Quinn was created to be a sidekick for Joker because it would be too weird for Joker to do all the things by himself. She became his love interest. Harley Quinn as the psychiatrist of Arkham Asylum falls in love with Joker and becomes his on and off, girlfriend. She became amazed when she sees Joker and steps in to help treat him. She helplessly falls in love with Joker during her sessions with him and helps him escape the Asylum more than once. When Batman brings in severely injured Joker into the Asylum. She dresses up a costume to become Harley Quinn as Joker’s sidekick. The Joker frequently ignores and hurts her and even tried to kill her once but still, she always comes back to him

Harley Quinn ‘s Illness

While even if they are not actual lovers, she is anyways called to be his girlfriend and his assistant, Harley doesn’t seem to have an antisocial personality disorder. Instead of that, she is closer to having symptoms of histrionic personality disorder which include craving for attention, provocative clothes, impressive speech, being dramatic and overly emotional

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