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Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8: What Did You Think About It?

Warning for those who haven’t seen the eighth episode as yet as there are spoilers ahead.

As far as the second season of Harley Quinn goes, it has been a big week for the viewers. There are a lot of events that unfolded during this time. Harley Quinn along with her best friend, Poison Ivy, have certainly been up to a lot of fun. In this week’s episode of Harley Quinn Season 2, the viewers saw how Harley and Ivy were facing a relatively difficult time when it came to being honest with each other, especially after the incident took place. DC Universe has been able to release another episode as a follow up to complete the order in which the sequences were to take place. The Superhero community has been speculating about the episode as soon as it was out. Let’s find out what our internet world of superhero fans thought about Harley Quinn Season 2.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8 – What Happened?

As mentioned previously, after the eighth episode, we were able to understand that Harley finally receives the opportunity to speak to Ivy about what had taken place. Harley had put in the effort to ensure that she has the conversation with her best friend to clear the air. However, in response, we were able to see that Ivy didn’t want to acknowledge her feelings. In fact, she was quite indifferent about what had happened. Seeing this, Harley also ended up deflecting on the whole situation.

Meanwhile. Ivy – on the other hand – was found to be concentrating on her impending wedding that was to take place with Kite Man. In response to this, Harley decided to resume the role of the big-time villain. Her thoughts were consequently supported by Doctor Psycho’s suggestions. After having a discussion with Doctor Psycho, Harley ended up stealing a Mother Box from Mister Miracle. In addition to this, Harley also decided to take her crew on a traveling voyage. During their journey, they were able to visit Apokolips. When they reached the destination, Harley’s crew also spoke with Darkseid to organise an army.

Harley didn’t end up receiving much support. What they were able to do during such a time is merely get the Darkseid to listen to their plans. As a condition, they put forward the proposal of Harley and his crew defeating the Granny Goodness. Darkseid promised that the parademons would follow her only if Harley and her crew is able to defeat the Granny Goodness with the help of Doctor Psycho.

Ivy and Kite Man: A True Love Story

At the same time, Commissioner Gordon spoke with the President and ended up learning that he was to defeat Harley before there were any chances of the Gotham City coming back to the United States. Harley Quinn was facing challenges from all angles. The eighth episode also showcased Ivy and Kite Man having a lunch at the latter’s parents’ house. In this scene, Ivy was visibly upset when she saw that Kite Man’s parents were not treating Kite Man respectfully. Ivy couldn’t control herself and spoke to Kite Man about the same. She was able to provide Kite Man the much needed confidence to stand up against his parents. 

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