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Hailey Baldwin is a strong girl and believes in Jesus

The Hollywood star Hailey Baldwin disclosed about her relationship with her beloved man Justin Bieber. On 15th May, during an interview with Natalie Manuel Lee in a “Hillsong Channel” YouTube video, the popular model Hailey Baldwin revealed about the road of her marriage with the famous pop singer Baldwin. The power couple started dating from 2015, and after dating about two years, both the stars have decided to marry. In Sep 2018, they officially got married.

The popular Hollywood star and Bieber’s ladylove revealed with the Natalie host that “I always think I hope he’s the person with whom I would end up so when we get together, it’s like I trust it’s supposed to happen.”

The gorgeous model also added that “It should never be taken lightly to get married. This is not a joke, it’s the very-very grave decision of life”. And she further explained that it was not an easy task to get married. I only believed in Jesus and did what my heart and my faith told me to do.

She continued with a very nice and strong belief in herself that she just trusted herself and took the leap of faith with him or without and then back with him. It’s only very close family members who know what she faced throughout the way. Besides that, Hailey Baldwin also explained how she was grown up in a God-fearing household where she would go on to explain the guilt and the mask she has to put up for being a good girl all the time.

The 23 years old model Hailey revealed that “We always wished we had never done anything wrong, we always tried to make choices so that we wouldn’t create any mistake, so we would not make any mistake, but what I found was that every mistake I did and every wrong choice I made, everything I made to me, lead me to get married, to me to be a wife.”

At the beginning of the marriage say about 5-6 months, she had guilt in herself. She always wished that she wouldn’t have done it. She desired to walk into this relationship all clean and sober, but it also taught her many things like we all have guilt, and few moments are not realistic. Also, we all crib and feel ashamed for all the things we have done, but they don’t define us completely. It’s just the way of life and living it as it comes. Also, it doesn’t define her in the relationship she is having.

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