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Gulliver Animal Crossing, How to five communicators parts?


Gulliver is a seagull in the animal crossing game series who doesn’t appear to be very decent at traveling examining the number of times if you’re going to find him, he will be washed up on the beaches of your isle in the animal crossing: new horizons;  his only purpose is to reward the player with special items of furniture or clothes when you do find all the five communicators parts.

How do we identify ac?

Gulliver is an abandoned navigator special character that emerges on your beach in animal crossing: new horizons, gulliver will lay the first stone on unexpected days but most possibly we tend to find him once every one or two weeks. But generally, he will be appearing mainly on weekdays but randomly sometimes on weekends if you are ahead to your island’s development before undoing Daisy Mae and K.K. Spider tasks.

How to wake up Gulliver and get a reward from him?

He must be first weakened, all you possess to do is to keep conversing to him until he gets back to his consciousness, this is attained by talking to him multiple times, though he may wake on the first attempt if then he tells the player an unbelievable story about his journeys at sea, usually involving a monster squid which is supposed to be a jellyfish, a shark or torrential storms. 

How to find and collect communicator parts?

To find all five communicator parts, simply walk up and down on the beaches of your island, there will be tiny shades with water flowing out of them sometimes, and digging up every spot that has water emerging from it, you will also probably dig up and quite find a few Manila clams while doing this- which is wielded for crafting fish trick; so try different spot which will be hidden deep in the sand on your island’s beaches out of plain sight, at the end you will find all five missing communicator parts.

After giving all five missing communicator items to Gulliver, he will thank you and guarantee you to give the rewards you have earned at a later time. The very next day, you will get a mail from gulliver where a letter is attached which has exclusive furniture based on different monuments in the real world, which you can get only from gulliver, not from others.

What the rewards you will be getting from Gulliver for helping him?

He will send you some special trophies from his travels such as various headwear or furniture and clothing from across the world such as; data horse, Moai Statue, south pole, lucky cat, pyramid, pigtail, samurai wig, silk hat, veil, etc.

You can unlock the golden shovel, as a reward from Gulliver.

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