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Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons PC playable via Yuzu switch emulator

The incredibly famous game of Nintendo, Animal Crossing, New Horizons can now run with the help of PC’s yuzu switch emulator.

As per the reports, in the second week of April, an update was received by the Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator. The emulator memory usage is reduced to half as per the new update. Thankfully, the emulator can boot and run New Horizons in a smoothly.
Despite the fact that you would have to use a superior set-up to emulate a game from PC, as with other emulators, AMDGPU’s Quality is not what it should be because of the title that does not fit well with Yuzu’s Vulkan renderer.

If you wish to boot up New Horizons by using yuzu then you need to install the latest yuzu Early Access build and Animal Crossing New Horizons patch 1.1.0.

When you encounter any crashes while playing, you are highly requested to turn OFF real-time. Anyone can adjust this by going to emulation, configuration, audio, uncheck “Enable audio in real-time.” Throughout this time it is also recommended to use the OpenGL renderer.

According to the reports, the yuzu team explains that “We look forward to playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Yuzu and let us know how it is going on your behalf”. The yuzu team also adds that there could be some minor glitches which will be easy to handle. The full Yuzu team is actively participating in solving such problems in the game and are also anticipating changes in Yuzu Early Access and mainline development sooner.

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