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GTA 6: Map, Characters, Release Date and Rumours


GTA VI will be the next game in the long series of games Grand Theft Auto developed by Rockstar Games. Everyone knows what GTA is about. The player takes the role of a criminal in a city who plans to rise through ranks and become the city’s kingpin. The series has been successful commercially having grossed over $9 billion. Hence, it is the fourth highest-selling game of all time.

GTA 6 Setting

Rockstar head Leslie Benzies stated that they would like to create a GTA game that would feature all the cities shown in the previous games. Rockstar hadn’t settled on a location yet, but rumours are going around about Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro being set as the primary setting.

The whole map of the USA is also not out of the question. Games like The Crew has done it in the past. There were rumours about London being the setting, but Rockstar Dan Houser’s writer denied any possibility of it.


All the GTA games have only one male protagonist as the lead except GTA V. GTA V included three playable characters, and all of them were male. So this time Dan Houser was asked that if they would feature a female protagonist this time around. He has shown a bit of enthusiasm about the female protagonist, saying that they would love to include it this time. But it still hasn’t been confirmed.

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GTA 6 Release Date

The big question everyone’s so hyped about. But Rockstar hasn’t announced anything yet. They just said that the game was early in development in April 2020. And according to previous experiences after the game announcement, it would take almost 22 months before release. So we can hear about GTA 6 by late 2021, and it would be potentially released by 2022.


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