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GTA 5 PC: Get all the cheat codes and tricks here!


It has been around seven years since the release of GTA’s last instalment by Rockstar Games. Even after all these years, Grand Theft Auto 5 is always trending. It always maintains its position among the most popular games. Moreover, as a result of recent COVID-19 and lockdown, GTA 5 has seen a massive boom these days. Moreover, we have brought for you, some of the cheats and tricks to make your game easier.

Below is the list of all the cheats possible

GTA 5 PC Cheat

  • Super Jump: HOPTOIT

A Hotpoint enables you to leap tall buildings in a single bound. All you need to do is hold space-bar for higher jumps.

  • Recharge Ability: POWERUP

It recharges the special ability of your character in the game

  • Skyfall: SKYFALL
GTA skyfall
Source: GTA Central

A Skyfall spawns you mid-air for a skydiving free fall and no way to use a parachute. The only possible way to survive in this situation is to press forward on your keyboard and hit a wall or the ground head-on.

  • Explosive Ammo Rounds: HIGHEX

Certainly, it is also known as “Bang Bang” and is a lot of fun for players.

  • Explosive Melee Attacks: HOT HANDS

The Hothands make you ultra-powerful. As a result of Hothands, your punches and kicks become explosive, literally!

  • Max Health & Armor: TURTLE

This feature increases your health and armour back to full.

  • Slow Motion Aim: DEADEYE

With the help of Deadeye code, you get a lot more time to aim. For an increased effect, Enter 4x. On the other hand, the fifth time disables the cheat.

  • Parachute: SKYDIVE
Source: Rockstar Games

As the name suggests, Skydive gives you a parachute. To use this code, you have to equip and press left mouse.

  • Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Mode:

The Sasquatch Mode cheat is activated by eating a special Peyote plant.

  • Flaming Bullets: INCENDIARY

With the use of flaming bullets, your bullets will set things on fire upon impact.

  • Lower Wanted Level: LAWYER UP

Meanwhile, Lower Wanted Level takes one star off of your wanted level.

  • Invincibility / God Mode: PAINKILLER

God Mode works for 5 minutes before you need to re-enter the code. You can use the code PAINKILLER to activate the God Mode.

  • Weapons / Guns: TOOL UP
Source: Gaming Central

The Toolup code gives you all the weapons along with ammo.

  • Raise Wanted Level: FUGITIVE

If you want to add one star to your wanted level, then you can use Raise Wanted Level with code FUGITIVE.

  • Director Mode: JRTALENT

Certainly, the JRTALENT code enables you to select and play the game as any character.

  • Moon Gravity: FLOATER

After activating this code, you can enter a vehicle to experience less gravity.

  • Slippery Cars: SNOWDAY

This code is self-explanatory.

  • Change Weather: MAKEITRAIN

This cheat code makes the weather rotates through sunny, clear, cloudy, smoggy, overcast, rainy, thundery, clearing and snowing. In other words, you can change the weather as per your needs.

Now with the knowledge of these cheat codes, you can surely get an easy pass in GTA 5. Use these codes and enjoy playing!

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