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GTA 5: List of cheats and brief description!

GTA 5 is one of the few games where cheat code still exists. They work in single-player mode but using this will more or less break the game. If the player intends to move to the story faster then cheat codes can be used. By using cheats the players can have a lot of fun at GTA 5’s best missions. GTA 5 cheats disable achievements in the game and don’t work in GTA Online.

List of GTA 5 cheats

  • Drunk Mode – Increase drunkenness and makes clumsy.
  • Fast Swimming – Increases swimming speed
  • Fast Sprinting – Increases sprint speed
  • Max Health and Armour – Gives full body armour and health
  • Super Jump – Gives a much higher jump
  • Invincibility – Blocks all damage
  • Recharge Special Ability – Gives a full bar of energy for character ability
  • Slow-Motion Aiming – Aiming down sights will activate the slow-motion mode
  • Give Parachute – Adds a usable Parachute to character
  • Skyfall – Drops out of the air from high in the sky
  • Raise Wanted Level – Increase wanted level by one star
  • Lower Wanted Level – Decrease wanted level by one star
  • Give Weapons and Ammo – Gives a swan Off Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Grenades, RPG and Knife, Sniper Rifle, SMG, Pistol
  • Explosive Melee Attacks – Punches make things explode
  • Explosive Rounds – Shooting things makes them explode
  • Flame Rounds – Shooting things sets on fire
  • Change Weather – Cycles through one of the nine weather patterns
  • Change Gravity – Moon Gravity is activated in the world
  • Reduce Friction – Cars slide around everywhere
  • Slow Motion – Slows down everything in the world, up to five times before returning to normal

Vehicle level cheats

  • Caddy Vehicle – Spawns a golf caddy
  • Comet Vehicle – Spawns a ‘Comet’ car
  • Rapid GT Vehicle – A Rapid GT car is spwan
  • Stretch Limo Vehicle – Spawns a Stretch Limo
  • Garbage Truck Vehicle – Spawns a Garbage Truck
  • BMX Bike – Spawns a BMX
  • Maibatsu Sanches – Spawns a Maibatsu Sanchez
  • Shitzu PCJ 600 – Shitzu PCJ 600 is spawn
  • Buzzard Helicopter – Spawns a Buzzard Helicopter
  • Duster Plane – Spawns a Duster Plane
  • Stunt Plane – Spawns a Stunt Plane
  • Duke O’Death Car –  A Duke O’Death car is spawn
  • Kraken Sub – Spawns a Kraken submarine
  • Dodo Airplane – Spans a Dodo Airplane

Tips on how to enter cheats on GTA 5 –

If the player is playing GTA 5 on PC then just hit the title key on the keyboard to bring up a console where cheats can be entered.

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