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Greyhound will not be released in theatres makes Tom Hanks sad 

The most famous Hollywood star and filmmaker Tom Hanks who has won millions of hearts by his outstanding performance have allegedly reported that he felt heartbroken because of his most anticipated upcoming film Greyhound will be released on a digital streaming platform.
While The Forrest Gump actor reportedly mentioned that he wanted that his film would be released in the theatres rather than OTT platforms. Because of ongoing COVID-19, several Hollywood films have been postponed, and some got released on online streaming platforms. Not only Hollywood films, but many Bollywood films releases have also got delayed, and several Bollywood films also got released on the digital streaming platform.
According to a reputed media portal, Hanks revealed that they were all heartbroken as this movie is not playing in cinemas. And then he further added that the team had realised that they would have surely had to wait for long for the right opening as there would be a “huge glut of movies” after cinemas reopened.
Our beloved star who was also featured in films including, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Saving Private Ryan, Sleepless in Seattle, Angels and Demons, is portraying the role of Commander Ernest Krause.  Some of our news sources have reported that Oscar-winning actor is all set for fighting a dangerous war in the Atlantic Ocean.
According to another news reports, which suggest that the 63 old actors also revealed that his next film Greyhound was earlier shot in three different locations in USS Kidd, in Louisiana’s sound stage and a lobby of a hotel.
Tom Hanks is not only producing the film  Greyhound but has also penned the screenplay of the film. According to the reports, Tom Hanks’s next movie is inspired by the book which titled as The Good Shepherd that is written by the famous author C S Forester. Reportedly, Tom Hank’s film will be our on Apple TV+ on July 10.

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