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Green Hell PS4: Who is the developer of this game?


Green Hell is a survival game, created by Scary Jar that can be played in both single and multiplayer modes. On April 7, 2020, a co-op multiplayer mode has also released. A human player plays with machine adversaries in this phase.

The game had released in September 2019 for Windows users, but it has also had early access since August 2018. It could only be played on a PC previously, but now it will be published on PlayStation 4 as well. There are currently five languages available for the game: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Developer Information of Green Hell by the creator

Creepy Container created Green Hell. Creepy Jar is an independent production studio that primarily develops strategy games for survival. The company is located in the Polish city of Warsaw. Creepy Jar’s core employee staff consists of Techland ex-employees. Such staffs are in supervisory positions and have several years of experience.

Creepy Jar has contributed to numerous ventures, such as Dying Sun, Dying Light: The Following, Nail’d, GTI Racing, Xpand Rally Xtreme, Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide, Call of Juarez: The Gang, and Crazy Operators, with extensive experience of the game industry and collaboration with the best professionals in the gaming business.

A new design studio was founded in 2015 by Crappy Jar’s team. The experienced staff has joined hands with Weird Jar from other companies such as Techland and Flying Wild Hog and developed games such as Shadow Warrior, Shadow Warrior 2, Bulletstorm, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Dogfight 1942, The Witcher 2, and Silent Hill: Downpour, Quick Reset and Juju. Green Hell is the first independent project by Scary Container.

Game characters

  • Jake Higgins, an anthropologist, and a rainforest researcher
  • Mia, a linguist, and Jake Higgins’s wife.
  • Alvarez
  • Dr Smith
  • ATC

These characters’ voice artists are played by:

  • Brandon Fague as Jake Higgins
  • Marta De Silva as Mia,
  • Dr Smith as Alvarez
  • ATC Mike Bodie as the second player actor, Mathew Curtis

Details of Green Hell Gameplay

Green Hell is an open-world sandbox game that can be played from the first person. The player can explore the forest and gather fruit, raw materials, and craft items. The player can look for various housing as well.

The player’s psychological status typically depends on the game’s shifting world and setting. Occasionally, the atmosphere and surroundings of the game keep changing. The player encounters neurological symptoms including flashbacks based on the change in the world.

Other facets of the game make the game even more fun, including eating a healthy diet and having enough sleep. The player expected to keep a watch on the diet to ensure proper nutrition by taking adequate food to get proper nutrition and to improve physical skills. He/She can provide the body with rest by sleep, which is important in the game.

The player also has to be mindful of his surroundings, and it is also important to prevent contact with toxic animals. To guarantee survival, the player can also avoid consuming toxic food in the jungle. Injuries are very frequent, and preventing injuries that could endanger their wellbeing and safety even further is a problem for the players. The player can cure himself when wounded by using the medications created by the supplies available in the jungle or by using bandages.

In a vast desert, you always need a GPS and a map to find a way out and survive. Therefore, to support their navigation in the jungle, the players were supplied with a GPS and a compass. Apart from these, Green Hell also provides a different game mode in which a rainforest researcher called Jake Haggins circles around the game. Jake wakes up on the bank of the Amazon River one day. He then sets out on a journey to locate Mia, his lover, who is lost in the Amazon Rainforest somewhere.

Mia is a linguist, and their goal was to make the first-ever contact with Yabahuca, the native people. Jake roams about, seeking food for life and necessities. He quickly learns that his wife is at risk and seeks to rescue her. The only way for Jake to reach Mia is through the transmitter.

Release date

Green Hell PlayStation 4’s planned release date is around September 2020. However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this deadline may be postponed.

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