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Greatest Zombie Games – Play Station 4 Gameplay

Zombie Games prove that the only good thing this pandemic bought is one for a video game plot that can be used as the narrative justification. It takes all sorts of the undead ones’ to make many best games and all sorts of ways to handle them.

The list is committed to present you with the best Zombie Games nonetheless of the genre. I am sure, many would-be categorized as horror, but in the end, it is moreover about how it uses your brain-hungering opponents well, whether as endless cannon fodder or horrifying threats. Lets’ dive into the best games of all time.

The Last of Us

The Infected in The Last of Us are technically not zombies. Since they have not died and risen again, but let us face this, they share the same fundamental characters. They had a hunger for flesh and move at Ellie and Joel with a similar insatiable intensity that’s to be seen in other Zombie Games.

They are quite frightening, especially in Clicker form, with their sickening mushroom heads and fungus limbs.
It is available as a PS4 game and PS3 game (updated version).

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

These cooperative zombies mode in a Call of Duty has been a Call of a Duty fan favorite since it debuted in Call of Duty: World at War.

The horde-style mode tasks gamers with banishing waves of zombies when gaining access to new areas, mending structures, and unlocking some of new gears and weapons. So far as concerned as a co-operation game, it is ultimately an unexpected treasure.

Dead Rising 3

The Dead Rising sequels from Capcom is lighthearted to take on zombies. It is filled with wacky weapons and comedic dialogue, It is marked as one of the Xbox One games that arrived with it is released back in 2013.

It is felt more like a B-movie zombie apocalypse simulator, and we can take that now as a compliment.

A decision could be made that part 4 upped the ante, seeing the rise in zombies and all, but we prefer 3’s progression and environments.
Dead Rising 3 is now available on PC and Xbox One.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 – one of the biggest live horror games of all time, and the best game to boot. The initial tank controls & camera perspectives formed much of its frights.

Anyhow, yet, Capcom recreated Claire and Leon’s adventure in Raccoon City to be much more terrifying with modern control systems.

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