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Gravity Falls season 3: Is it renewed or cancelled? Here are all the updates

Is there a possibility of the people’s favourite animated series Gravity Falls season 3 to hit the screens? I’m afraid there is bad news as there has been no official information regarding the renewal of the series. Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show had confirmed that the show has reached its end with season 2. However, he mentioned that it will be open for new episodes and special, but the possibility of a new season is low at present. Gravity Falls had received many positive acclaims for its light-weighted content and humour. In addition to this, the show has entertained the kids and brought back memories to adults at the same time. The show has a high viewership rate and won many accolades. Gravity Falls has made available Home media, books, video games and toys for its fans.

Gravity Falls made it debut on June 15, 2012, in its original networks Disney Channel and Disney XD. Moreover, the show is a combination of comedy, adventure, mystery, drama and fantasy with a captivating plot. The show consists of 2 seasons with 40 episodes. The original language of the series is English.

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The show revolved around the life of two twelve-year-old twins, Dipper and Mabel. They are left with their great uncle Stan Pines who lives in Gravity Falls which is a fictitious town. They come here to spend the summer vacation with him but uncover and experience uncanny events. Further, when Dipper finds a diary/Journal in the forest, the twins begin to detect many strange activities happening in the town. However, every day they have something to look forward to. The twins now have to stand together and fight the evils of the town as they uncover some unknown secrets of the town. Moreover, they realize that apart from their Great uncle’s greed for money, there is a secret that he guards.


The characters of Gravity Falls are

  • Dipper voiced by Jason Ritter
  • Mabel voiced by Kristen Schaal
  • Grunkle Stan voiced by Alex Hirsch
  • Soos Ramirez voiced by Alex Hirsch
  • Wendy Corduroy voiced by Linda Cardellini

Gravity Falls season 3

Gravity Falls ended the show with its second season leaving no hopes for a third one. This leaves the fans in a disappointment. However, the creator mentioned about being open to new episodes which leave us with some hope.

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