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Gravity Falls is coming up with season 3?

Gravity Falls is coming up with season 3? Four years ago the audience saw the last episode of season 2 which was loved by them and they demanded more from the series. The renewal for season 3 is a big no as season 2 was the last season of the series. The creator has already announced that season 2 is the last part of the series and that was the last time the audience saw their favorite animated twins. The creator has clearly mentioned that he does not want to go ahead with the series.

No progress has been seen in the series so far and no official announcement has been made.

The series received lots of praise for writing, humor, character, and multi-generational appeal. Many awards were won by the series. Viewers are mostly kids, teenagers, and young adults. The series had a different approach to production. The episodes were premiered as they were finished instead of being premiered at once.

Overview Of Gravity Falls Season 3 –

An American animated mystery comedy television series “Gravity Falls” which is created by Alex Hirsch. The series was created for Disney Channel and Disney HD. The series was first premiered in 2012 which went on till 2016.

The adventure of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel is shown. Both the sisters spend the summer with their great uncle. He lives in Gravity Falls. A mysterious town of Oregon is shown. The town is full of paranormal forces and supernatural creatures. Both the sister help their uncle to run the business of a tourist trap. And also helps in investigating local mysteries.

Main Voices Behind The Characters Gravity Falls –

This series is famous for its voicing done by various artists. Here are some of the main voices.

  • Dipper Pine – Jason Ritter
  • Mabel pine – Kristen Schaal
  • Grunkle Stan – Alex Hirsch
  • Linda Cardellini – Wendy Corduroy

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