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Gotham season 6, Who is the Joker in season 6?

Gotham Season 6

Gotham, a thriller series with a crime fiction story based on the characters of DC Comics from the Batman franchise. This series was created by Bruno Heller and was produced by the warner bros. The series is about the cop investigator in the early days of James Gordon. It was initially first released on 22 September 2014. The series contains 5 seasons with a total of 100 episodes. The final season was released on 25 April 2019. This series received many critics from the viewers. And now the series is renewing for season six. There are many questions that the fans are searching for answers. And the main one, who is the joker in Gotham season 6? Will Jerome Valeska return as the Joker in Gotham? Here we have the latest updates on the series Gotham. Read further to get the updates on the upcoming season of Gotham.

Who is the Joker in Gotham season 6?

Gotham is one of the most anticipated series. And the fans are highly expecting about the entry of the Joker in the upcoming season. It’s been 5 seasons and yet they didn’t introduce the Joker. So finally the time has arrived, the Joker is finally giving an entry in season 6 Gotham. So then who is the Joker? This is the next question. And now we finally got an answer to that.

Jerome Valeska was an incredible Joker. He was the Clown price in the crime world. The fans were expecting him to return to Gotham but then they slew Jerome off. But they gave the fans incredible news that Jerome had a twin brother. And he was named Jeremiah but more toxic than Jerome. He is more dangerous and twisted then Jerome will be. Jeremiah was lastly shown in a hospital, like a coma patient. He was injured after he fell in the valley of chemicals. And he ended up in the Arkham Asylum. But later he managed to escape from there with more vicious ideas than ever. So it is confirmed that Jerome’s twin brother will be the joker in Gotham season 6. And this will definitely make the plot more interesting than before.

As the show is taking a time leap of a decade, it will make Batman more powerfully equipped and the Joker more vicious. From this, we can say that the upcoming episodes of Gotham will be a super hit. Wait tuned with us for further updates.

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