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Gordon Ramsay Net Worth: How much does the hard-to-please chef earn?


We all have seen contestants fearing Gordon Ramsay’s wrath. But that doesn’t deny the fact that Ramsay is one of the best chefs in the world. Although he is known to be quite fiery when it comes to food, all because he is passionate about food. So much so, he is one of the chefs who travel around the world to learn different cuisine. Therefore, here we will talk about how much Ramsay earns with his cooking.

Who is Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsay is the chef that every cooking show participant fears disappointing. As mentioned, Ramsay is a British chef, who has judged many cooking shows in different countries. In addition, Gordon is also a restaurateur, writer, food critic, and television personality. You must have seen Gordon Ramsay on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef Junior, etc.

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Ramsay was born and brought up in Scotland on 8 November 1966. Moreover, He is currently married to Cayetana Hutcheson and has five children. One of Ramsay’s children is a renowned chef Matilda Ramsay.

Moreover, prior to being a chef, Gordon was a football player and was chosen for under-14. In fact, Ramsay even had a trial with Rangers, but he had to struggle with serious knee injuries.

Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Journey

By his late teen years, Ramsay had already developed his interest in cooking. Hence, he decided to pay attention to his culinary education at the age of 19. Subsequently, he enrolled to study hotel management.

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Later in the mid 1980s, he worked as a ‘commis’ chef at Wroxton House Hotel. He then moved to London and worked in various restaurants. He also worked for Marco Pierre White at Harveys. Ramsay then decided to study French cuisine and worked at Le Gavroche. At the age of 23, Ramsay moved to Paris and worked by Guy Savoy and continued his training. Later, he returned to London where he was offered the Head Chef position under Pierre Koffmann at La Tante Claire.

Gordon Ramsay's Hotel
Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel
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Thereafter in 1998, Ramsay opened his own restaurant called “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay”. In 2011, his restaurant was listed as the best in the UK. Consequently, Gordon’s territory expanded quickly and he opened Petrus and Amaryllis. Finally, in 2007, Ramsay opened his first restaurant in Ireland and in the Western US in the next year. He also opened his first Canadian restaurant in 2011, in Montreal.

On the other hand, Gordon was featured in his documentaries titled “Booking Point”, “Beyond Boiling Point” and “Ramsay- Trouble at the Top”.

Gordon Ramsay’s Net Worth

With all his restaurants and cooking shows, Ramsay was listed by Forbes to earn $70 million in 2020. Hence, he was ranked 19th the highest-earning celebrity in the world. Moreover, he currently has 35 restaurants in England, France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, USA, Dubai, Qatar, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Macao, Singapore, and the UAE. As a result, Gordon Ramsay’s net worth stands at $220 million!

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