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Google reduces Nest camera quality amidst COVID-19 outbreak to preserve bandwidth

After YouTube, Google is now going to temporarily reduce the recording quality of its Nest cameras to preserve bandwidth Amid COVID-19. People are recommended to stay home to prevent the spread of this communicable disease, which has lead to worldwide lockdown, and people are spending much time online ever.

Tech giant Google is making a change considering to conserve internet. It is reported that the company has given the information about the latest changes via Email to the Nest community.

Google recently mentioned in a statement that in the next few days, it is going to make a few adjustments to respond to the global call to give priority to internet bandwidth for learning and working.

Besides this, Nest users also shared the information on Twitter after receiving an email from Google announcing the changes that such improvements will promote the preservation of schools, jobs, and other issues between the communities.

In a statement on the Nest group, Google said, ”As local internet resources go beyond the limits, interruptions like dropped-out video calls or frozen screens can occur to you and others. It is important for us in this period to work together so that we can find ways of supporting the whole society”.

Google further explained that change is needed to “respond to the global ISPs call to give priority to bandwidth for learning and working from home. The tech giant also assured its Nest community that transition is just temporary.

Besides this, the company ensured that users can always update Nest’s video settings to better quality and that those who want to ensure that the videos are still clearest can simply change ‘Quality and bandwidth’ in the sense of video settings.

Additionally, there is also a report which suggests that Google will also adjust the rotation interval speed to lower the resolution of picture sliding displays on the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, Chromecast, and Cast-enabled devices that are compatible. The tech giant also claimed that it would restore the settings of the system to its previous state when the Internet facilities are less overwhelmed.

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