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Google and Apple stand together to develop smartphone COVID-19 contact tracing

As we can see that a number of COVID-19 cases keep increasing day by day and vaccine of this infectious disease is not yet available. In this critical situation, governments and health departments are working together to prevent the spread of this ruinous coronavirus. The two renowned tech giants Apple and Google, also shake hands in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. In the starting month of April, both companies announced a contact-tracing app for COVID-19. This application helps in tracing contacts tested positive for this disease. It also alerts people if they’ve been in contact with corona positive patients.

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the collaborative project is taking advantage of two of the world’s most common and excellent operating systems — iOS from Apple and Android from Google — to touch potentially billions of people The Bluetooth tool plays the main role. Bluetooth radio technology is a helping application which the public health authorities will be creating.

According to the report, during a joint briefing, the tech giants told us that this process has to be worked in two phases. It is revealed that Phase one is of the Bluetooth-based technology, which will roll out in mid-May and will include the release of an application programming interface (API) to allow public health authorities-designed applications to communicate with this digital contact tracing data. This means that if users want to participate in the system, then it’s important to download a specific application developed by their local health authority. This is how we have to go about it.

We have been reported that the second phase would be introduced in the coming months; it will include iOS and Android system update to integrate the contact tracing tool into the smartphone’s operating system. This means users will not have to download a specific app to opt-in but instead be able to activate contact tracing through the menu in their phone settings.

Besides this, Apple and Google together disclosed that the whole program would have opted in and users will have to enable and participate in order to be a part of it.
According to the tech giants, all Bluetooth contact logs will only be stored locally on the phone of each user and those logs will not have any information about the location only the notes about what other smartphones were in their territory over the 14-day period prior to that.

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