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Good news for the Batman and Mission Impossible 7 fans. Shooting to commence soon in UK.

After a long coronavirus lockdown, the entire world is starting their work, business and shooting to survive and maintain their countries economic growth amid the ongoing COVID-19. As we all know, Many industries and film productions and shootings were stopped to prevent the lethal spread of the novel coronavirus.  But, over safety concerns, there are some strict guidelines that would be followed by people who are restarting their work again.
Recently, one of our sources has reported that films like The Batman, Mission: Impossible 7 and many others are resuming their shooting in the UK.
The Culture Secretary of UK Oliver Dowden disclosed that the cast and the crew of the shoot would be exempted from the rules of quarantine. Besides this, he also disclosed the exemption with the well-known actor Tom Cruise as well.
Apart from that, Oliver Dowden further stated that the major blockbuster would be made in Britain. And he also disclosed the reason for the shooting of most films in England.
Oliver added that successful tax reliefs, expertise and creativity are some of the main reasons for shooting in England. Along with that Dowden also stated that this will provide enough boost to the economy and that the filmmakers will return back too in fewer numbers than normal to shoot the films.
The producers of Mission: Impossible 7 also disclosed that the film would be out in November 2021. However, initially, it was expected to release in July of 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak. There are several reports which suggest that the show cast would be allowed to go back to England and complete their shooting at Warner Bros. Studios Leaves den in Hertfordshire.
Apart from that, The Brittan government has also given the green signal to several other TV production houses to start their work.
Besides this, other biggest blockbuster films are also resuming the shooting in the UK which include Warner Bros.’ Fantastic Beasts 3,  Universal Studios’s Jurassic World: Dominion, Disney’s remake of The Little Mermaid, and Sony’s live-action musical adaptation of Cinderella.
While the shooting is allowed with the strict guidelines which would be followed by each cast and the crew members of the film. It has been instructed by the production houses that cast and the crew of the film would be restricted to a bubble environment that will be in close proximity to the production area and the cast can not leave the surrounding community as well.

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