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Good Business Practices Every Employer Should Uphold

Whether you have five members of staff on your books or 50, you naturally want to be the best boss that you can be. As an employer, you want to ensure that you are able to offer your team members the very best working experience possible, because a happy team is a more productive and harder working team, and that’s important for your business’s success.

Of course, being a great employer isn’t just about business efficiency, it’s also about ensuring that you hold your team’s respect. If you fail to have your team members’ respect, you may find that you struggle to connect with them, and as a result various issues within the workplace pop up, which isn’t something that you want to happen.

Keen to ensure that your team remains hard-working, highly productive, and happy working for you? Then you need to make an effort to be the most amazing boss that you can possibly be – this doesn’t mean being overly fun or friendly, it simply means treating your team members well and with respect.

To help you ensure that you are following good business practices as an employer, we have put together the following guide with some useful tips and advice:

Get to know each employee

Regardless of how many employees you have, be it two, 20 or 200, it’s important to try and get to know every employee. If you take the time to get to know your team members and actually remember their names and job roles, you will find that they tend to be harder working and more motivated. The larger your team, the harder it will be to remember everyone’s names, however it is important to try to do this. Even if you cannot remember everyone’s names, be sure to say hello and be friendly whenever you pass an employee in the workplace. It’s little things like this that make all the difference.

Take health, safety and general wellness seriously

It’s crucial that as an employer you always take team member health and safety, in addition to general wellness, seriously. This means making sure that your office building undergoes regular health and safety checks, and that simple things like first aid kit replenishment are taken seriously. As for wellness, it’s important to have an emotional health and wellbeing support program in place for your team members, should they need it.

Be flexible and accommodating

As an employer, it’s important to take a flexible approach when it comes to how you manage your team members. The traditional nine to five is dead and it’s important to remember that  today employees expect more flexibility from their employers. Say, for instance, a team member is unable to get to work as their child is unwell and cannot go to school, allow the team member the opportunity to work remotely from home while their child recovers. Be flexible and your team members will thank you for it.

As a business owner, always aim to put the happiness and wellbeing of your team members first, and you will find that as a result each team member respects you more and always goes that extra mile while at work.

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