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GMC pushes back the Hummer EV launch date in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Hummer had a clique following from the day this massive vehicle saw the light of the dawn. A major credit for this popularity was given by Mr. Schwarzenegger and astute promotion from people at GM. As a result, the SUV turned into a moment hit over the globe. At first, the SUV was fabricated by AM General and with GM presenting the H2 and H3 as replacements to the H1, AM General was granted the contract for the creation of the H2. The H3 anyway was fabricated by GM close by its different SUVs like the Chevrolet Colorado and different GMCs since they had a similar stage though the H3 having a marginally adjusted one.

By 2006 Hummer had been at the peak of its popularity quotient and was being exported to 33 nations. At first all Hummers used to be left-hand drives yet then right-hand drive forms were being made to be dispatched to Australia and other RHD markets. Be that as it may, Due to the decrease in deals and increment in oil costs, the Hummer saw its destiny change rapidly and the nameplate was shut for what seems like an eternity.

Yet, there was a lot more spirit and potential still left in this popular nameplate. Not very far in the past, bits of gossip began flooding in about the Hummer being resuscitated as a brand. After much conjecture and anticipations, on January 30, 2020, GM finally discharged a progression of short teaser trailers, at long last uncovering the official return of Hummer. The short teaser video had a 30-second super bowl advertisement highlighting NBA hotshot LeBron James.

The teasers gave the world of aficionados countless reasons to rejoice as they affirmed the nameplate’s arrival. Though there was a catch here. Yes, the Hummer was being revived, but this time, not as its own brand however as an electric SUV and truck sub-brand to be marketed under GMC. As indicated by the teasers, the upcoming Hummer EV will be high on power and will pack 1,000 horsepower and a massive 11,500 lb.-ft. of twisting force. The Hummer EV was till yet scheduled to be uncovered on May 20, 2020. However, that might change now.

With the Coronavirus pandemic having a tight grasp of the world, and constantly multiplying the number of victims, the launch date of the 2020 Hummer EV has been pushed back and we’ll presently need to hold up somewhat longer to perceive what GM’s first completely electric truck is all about.

In an announcement from the automaker, the GMC Hummer’s May 20 uncover date has been delayed. Another date hasn’t been offered up to this point, however, GMC assures that the truck is under constant development and will be exhibited very soon.

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