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Glee star Naya Rivera passes away at 33; authorities found the body at Lake Piru

Naya Rivera’s body has been found at Lake Piru; the authorities believe that in her final moments, Naya mustered just enough courage to get her son on the boat but not herself.
Naya Rivera aged 33, who is famously known for popular comedy TV show Glee passes away. Naya Rivera’s body was found at Lake PiruGlee star Naya Rivera passes away at 33, authorities found the body at a Southern California lake,  Piru on Monday. The department of Ventura Sheriff has confirmed this heartbreaking news by organizing a press conference given today.
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office stated that Glee star Naya Rivera’s body was found after six days since she was missing on Lake Piru. Sharing the investigation details, Sheriff Bill Ayub claimed that, it seems that actress Rivera took the risk of her life to help her beloved four-year-old son Josey so that he can return safely in the borrowed pontoon ferry. Later in the afternoon, her son Josey was discovered sleeping and alone on the boat. He was found sporting with a life jacket. However, there was no life jacket found on Rivera’s body.
Besides this, Ayub also asserted that in a Glee star Rivera’s body was discovered a northeastern portion of the lake, near the surface of the water. And water depth in that area is between 35 and 60 feet, and the lake is covered with heavy brush and trees on the sides.
Late-actress co-star, along with many Hollywood celebrities, expressed their grief,  condolences, and paid tribute to the departed soul.  Glee co-star Jane Lynch wrote on her Twitter handle, “Rest sweet, Naya. What a force you were”.
Steven Canals, who is the co-creator and producer of the FX television show Pose, also added a heartfelt post on his Twitter account that he was “heartbroken over all the stories that will remain untold”. Viola Davis also expressed her grief and sent her prayers to late actress Rivera’s family.
Team Glee is really shocked by the tragic death of Naya also that exactly seven years ago Cory Monteith’s death took place in 2013 due to excessive consumption of alcohol and heroin. Apart from this Mark Salling who used to be Naya’s boyfriend committed suicide in 2018 as child pornography charges were put against him.

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