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Giant string-like creature “Siphonophores” spotted near Australian coast (Video+)

Researchers have spotted a giant alien creature in the Australian coast that has bamboozled the authorities. The strange object in the ocean is very massive in size and appears like UFO spaceship.

A giant, strangely ribbon-like looking siphonophore, Apolemia, was found near the expense of Australia by a team of international scientists from local institutes, including Western Australia Gallery, Schmidt Ocean Institute as well as Scripps Organization of Oceanography. The Ningaloo Canyons Exploration was exploring the adjacent sea with an aid of finder tools and ROVs when they spotted a possibly “biggest ever before taped” sampling in a strange UFO-like kind.

Siphonophores can resemble one big private aquatic microorganism to some, however as a matter of fact, they are made up of little private bodies comprising one huge swarm, with each one serving its own gastrointestinal, hunting or reproductive objectives.

“Everyone was blown away when it came into view,” biologists Nerida Wilson and Lisa Kirkendale from the Western Australian Museum told ScienceAlert. “There was a lot of excitement. People came pouring into the control room from all over the ship. Siphonophores are commonly seen but this one was both large and unusual-looking.

“Although the ROV pilots made an estimate of its length, it has yet to be formally measured. However, it does appear to be longer than any other animal on the planet,” they added.

In a video, the creature was caught in a “a planar feeding position”, the biologists explained, which makes it so strangely “spiral UFO”-looking. The scientists noted that although it was difficult to know the specific measurements of this siphonophore, they approximated just its external ring to be around 47 metres long, thinking that it was “longer than any other pet on the planet”.

Siphonophores are marine organisms which look like giant strings made up of small varieties called zooids that join together in large swarms to function as one giant animal. They usually feed upon fish or crustaceans, with each person in the body acting like a body organ serving its very own function.

It looks like the giant might have been consisted of hundreds or thousands or even numerous zooids, where the nutrients from any captured victim were passed along its huge body along a stem shared by all.

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