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Giannis’s Girlfriend: Who is the NBA player dating?

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Giannis Antetokounmpo has been known to greatly handle his personal and professional life. He is as good in his personal life as in the basketball court. Moreover, he has lately been the “perfect” boyfriend. In fact, he made it to the news for being a ‘family man’ during the NBA suspension period. Certainly, Giannis’s is extremely happy with the love of his life. You all must have heard about Mariah Riddlesprigger, Giannis’s girlfriend. Today we are going to dig a little about Mariah Riddlesprigger and her relationship with Giannis.

Who is Mariah Riddlesprigger?

Mariah Riddlesprigger, currently dating NBA player Giannis, is a former volleyball player. She was born to Cathy and Pat Riddlesprigger. She is a 28 years old woman who has been a sportsperson since her school days. Mariah played for her high school team and became the ‘Scholar Athlete’. Moreover, she studied at Rice University and started a remarkable journey in volleyball there.

Mariah Riddlesprigger
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Mariah has been named “Conference USA Defensive Player of the Week”. Later, she also interned for the NBA team and there she met Giannis. Mariah also holds a BA degree in sport management and sociology from Rice and a minor in business. Besides professional volleyball, Mariah is known to have an excellent academic record.

Giannis and Mariah’s relationship

As mentioned above, Giannis and Mariah met each other when she interned with the NBA. And they have been happy in a relationship ever since. The couple has been highly active on social media posting about each other. Hence, their love can be seen all over their social media profiles. Currently, the couple is in a live-in relationship and are settled in Milwaukee.

Mariah and Giannis both are avid travelers. In fact, Giannis often takes Mariah to Greece to get her familiar with his Greek culture and heritage. Above all, the couple welcomed a new member in their life in February. On February 10, Mariah and Giannis became parents to their son Liam Charles. Both of them have been spending quality time with their son. The Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis shared the news on Twitter.


Also, they have been posting on social media, giving us a peek into their personal life, now with Liam. Moreover, Mariah and son Liam attended Giannis’s game in August. Apparently, the NBA players were allowed to have selected visitors inside the bubble. In fact, Liam was seen cheering and slaying daddy’s jersey on the court-side.

Clearly, the couple is deeply involved with each other and have a happy life together. Giannis seems to have found the love of his life and we couldn’t be happier for him.

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