George Lucas.

George Lucas: What is the Star Wars creator’s net worth?

George Lucas is known for his famous movie franchise Star Wars and Indiana Jones. From his works, we can interpret his success rate in this field. Moreover, he owns Lucasfilm which he later handed over to Walt Disney. Apart from this, he owns LucasArts and Industrial Light and Magic. George has also been nominated for four academy awards. His life is inspiring to all young people aspiring to be part of the film world. Along with this, he is known to be among the richest and most successful person in the entertainment industry. To know more about his early life, personal life and career, continue reading.

Childhood and early life

George Lucas was born on May 14, 1944, in California, USA. His parents are Dorothy Ellinore Lucas and George Walton Lucas Sr. His father owned a stationery shop and expected him to assist him in the shape when he was big. Lucas ad his initial interest in car racing and wanted to pursue that as a career. However, he met with a car crash which perished his interest towards it. Later he decided to enter the film industry opposing his parent’s wishes. He attended the University of California School of Cinematic Art. This was probably the best decision he took. Through his years in the university, he came across many talented minds like Randal Kleiser, Walter Murch, Hal Barwood and John Milius. They all influenced his interest in the field along with his tutors.

Personal life and career

George Lucas wanted to be a car racer since he was young but he changed his plans after a car crash. He then entered the entertainment industry giving his audience many wonderful movies and sequels. His first project was his student film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB which was taken up and made into a film. However, the movie didn’t reach its potential but it still made its mark. His biggest breakthrough was the Star Wars, the movie became a hit and earned millions in the box office. He later sold this to Disney. George Lucas only has done very few works in the industry but every one of them had a huge impact. His other films include Indiana Jones, Body Heat, Labyrinth and The Land Before Time.

For his works, he has received an accolade for Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also received the National Medal of Arts from the then-President Barack Obama. However, he is also a philanthropist and has donated half of his earnings to charity.

He first married Marcia Lou Griffin and is at present with Mellody Hobson whom he dated for 7 years. George adopted one kid during his first marriage and later adopted two more as a single parent.

What is the net worth of George Lucas?

George Lucas is known to have a net worth of around $6.5 billion. He earned all of this through his few projects that became a massive success.