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George Floyd will always be remembered as a catalyst for change

A black man George Floyd, whose death has sparked worldwide protests over police brutality and racial injustice, was fondly memorialized at his funeral on 10, June, as “Big Floyd” which means a father and brother, athlete and neighborhood mentor, and now it’s meaning has changed into ” a catalyst for change.”

About two weeks after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, the funeral ceremony was held in his hometown Houston, Texas, where more than 500  mourners were gathered on the streets to pay their last respects, while, many others were stood in long queues amidst the public memorial of Floyd.

There are reports, which suggest that, at the Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, the private funeral service of George Floyd was held, and later the dead body of Floyd was buried in the Houston Memorial Gardens.

About four-hour funeral service was also broadcasted live on every big television network of the US from the Houston church. Besides friends and family of Floyd, many renowned politicians and celebrities have taken part to pay their condolences and grief. One of our sources reported that among many other stars Floyd Mayweather, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Ivy McGregor, and musician Kathy Taylor took part in the funeral to pay their last respects to George Floyd.

Besides that, the lovable daughter of George Floyd, Gianna Floyd, was also spotted at the Houston church as she sat close to her mother, Roxie Washington, to pay the tribute for her father and a loving husband. Besides that, former Vice President of U.S. Joe Biden also showed his condolence and grief towards George Floyd’s family in such difficult times through a heartfelt message.

Apart from family members and mourners, everyone who was present at George’s funeral, teared up as they paid their last respects. However, at the Fountain of Praise church, it was said by George Floyd’s brother, Rodney, that, “He is going to change the world,” and he also added that “everybody will remember him around the world.”

Besides that, an American civil rights activist and Baptist minister Rev. Al Sharpton also gave a eulogy and said, “We are not fighting some disconnected incidents. We are fighting a systemic institutional problem that has been allowed to permeate since we were brought to these shores. “He also added that” We are fighting wickedness in high places. You’re trying to figure out how to stop the protests instead of figuring out how to stop the brutality”.

Post the funeral service, his casket was placed in a horse-driven carriage and was taken for his cremation. While he was being taken thousands of Houston residents were seen watching him go to his resting place.

The death of George Floyd ignited the fire and started the Black Lives Matter movement across the US which continued for a week. The last words of Floyd ‘I can’t breathe’ and his pain gives us goosebumps if we see the footage or imagine him in that horrid situation.

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