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Genshin Impact Introduces New Character with a New Trailer!

Soon after the release of its latest version, 2.2, the Genshin Impact video game is blessing the fans again with a brand new trailer, which has introduced a new strong character in the game. Publisher MiHoYo recently launched a new trailer which is showcasing all the characters of the prestigious video game, along with a new surprise for the fans.


The new character introduced by MiHoYo in Gneshin Impact is the retainer of the Kamisato clan of Inazuma named Thoma. As per the official description by MiHoYo, Thoma is sociable who likes making friends. He is also super powerful in nature, which will bring new exciting and lively encounters for the fans and the players.


“With the sociable Thoma, there’s always a lot of lively encounters and fun to be had. It’s just that such excitement occasionally attracts some uninvited guests… But no need to worry, because Thoma will protect you,” MiHoYo describes Thoma.


The trailer is available on YouTube in both Japanese and English languages. Check out the trailer below-



Thoma is a well-known fixer in Azuma. As the trailer states, apart from being strong and working as the protector and fixer, housekeeping is what attracts Thoma. In his opinion, it is a unique skill set. According to fixer in Azuma, cleaning, cooking, and mending are among his greatest strengths.


Known to be the ‘Protector from Afar,’ Thoma is not originally from Azuma. He came to the town from Mondstadt on a boat. In the demo video, Thoma is differentiating the people of Azuma from that of Mondstadt. He finds Azuma people more particular about proper etiquette. Thoma is going to be Ayaka’s mate in playable form.


According to the reports, the release date for Thoma Banner on Genshin Impact has been speculated to be 2 November. The date is not official yet, but people speculate the date to be the end of Childe’s rerun.


The new playable character Thoma will be 4-stars. It is going to be a part of the Hu Tao character event wish. The character of Thoma has powerful skills and capabilities. The list includes Swiftshatter Spear, Blazing Blessing, and Crimson Ooyoroi. Some other passive talents include Snap and Swing, Imbricated Armor, Flaming Assault, and more.


Thamo’s skill set also includes Constellations that describe A Comrade’s Duty, A Subordinate’s Skills, Fortified Resolve, Long Term Planning, Raging Wildfire, and Burning Heart.

Moreover, the English voice to the character of Thoma is given by the voice artist Christian Banas. Meanwhile, the Japanese voice-over is done by the Japanese voice artist MORITA Masakazu.


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