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Gears 6, Will there be a sixth part of the game? Did JD or Del die?

Gears 6

Gears 6 – Gears of War which is most commonly known as Gears. It is a media franchise based on a series of video games made by Epic Games, developed and managed by The Coalition, and owned and released by Xbox Game Studios. The series is famous for its third-person shooter video games, which has been included with unique video game titles, a comic book series, seven novels, a board game adaptation and many merchandise.

Gears 5 made Kait Diaz its protagonist replacing JD Fenix, trying to put up an RPG element during a crucial moment of the story. This change got with improved controls that are expected out of any futuristic game made Gears 5 the incomparable Xbox exclusive of 2019.

When will Gears 6 hit the stores?

Microsoft has not given any official announcement about the release of Gears 6, so there’s no official date. Fans don’t need to worry about Gears 6. Gears 5 was the Microsoft’s most successful initial release after Halo 4 on Xbox 360, so the next part is mostly guaranteed.

Gears 5 hit the stores on September 6, 2019 which was nearly four years after the release of Gears of War 4. Microsoft maybe spending four to five years developing Gears 6 .We cannot expect a new part of the series until 2024.

What will be the storyline of the sixth sequel?

Gears 5 is left off to complete the story of Kait and her friends in Gears 6. As Kait, Delmont Walker, and James Dominic Fenix get into the last battle in Gears 5 where Kait has to make an extremely difficult choice. They face with the queen of the Swarm, who is Tentacled with humanoid form of Kait’s mother, Reyna Diaz, who was possessed by the creatures before.

The Queen gets JD and Del. Now Kait can only save one of them. Kait helps whoever the game player choose to save and has to watch the other get neck snapped by the queen.

The Coalition might allow player to transfer their final save to the next part of the Gears, like the Mass Effect Franchise. It’s likely that the creators might put up an ending where only one of the characters stays alive while the other one dies, which usually happens in these type on endings. Anyways the story is left at the interesting point and it won’t have to be made to wait more.

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