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Gaming Desks: What are the best gaming Desks for PC and Console gaming in 2020?

If you are a gamer, you are definitely aware of the need of Gaming Desks that will elevate your gaming experience. The desk would build the entire setup, from being a sturdy set up to place your gaming PC, to having enough space to move your gaming mouse, that will help to achieve the right ergonomics, you need the best design for your gaming desks that will fit your posture right and will not strain your back.

Besides this, you will also have to take into account the additional features like cable routing, USB ports, and integrated LED strip lights. And, most importantly we have made the catalogue of the best gaming desks for you that fits your budget exactly right. So, keep reading to know what would suit your gaming requirements the best.

1) ApexDesk Elite Series

  • Dimensions: 60″ x 30″ x 48″
  • Max Load: 225 pounds
  • Height Adjustable: 29″ – 48″

With a sturdy build up, ApexDesk Elite series will give a support up to 225 pounds. It is also a motorized standing desk with a width of 60 inches and can hold 3 gaming monitors for flight simulators. ApexDesk Elite series can support the weight of a number of gaming PCs.

ApexDesk Elite series can also convert to standing platform. You just need to press the button on it to do so. You only need to take care of the cords that should remain plugged while on a the standing mode.

2) Eureka Ergonomic I1

  • Dimensions: 44.5″ x 24.2″ x 30″
  • Max Load: 150 pounds

A pocket friendly desk for the gamers, this is just for $150. Among the several features of Eureka Ergonomic I1, it features fiber tabletop, angular lines, and blacked-out frame. And, it can provide a sturdy set up to almost 150 pounds. So, it can simultaneously support two monitor setup and the peripherals, but do not overload it more than that.

3) Respawn 2000 Gaming L-Desk

  • Dimensions: 66″ x 66″ x 34.6″
  • Max Load: 200 pounds

With an L-shape that fits perfectly for the gamers, Respawn 2000 Gaming Computer Desk would fit your expectations completely well. It will support the biggest ultrawide curved gaming monitors. It also has extra set ups for gaming headsets and cups.

Respawn 2000 Gaming L-Desk, will have enough space for your gaming laptop and the peripherals, that will support up to 200 pounds.

4) Uplift V2 4-Leg Standing Desk

  • Dimensions: 60″ x 30″ x 51.1″
  • Max Load: 535 pounds
  • Height Adjustable: 25.5″ – 51.1″

Uplift V2 4-Leg Standing Desk features crossbar for stability and can support up to 535 pounds of gear. It can support multiple gaming monitors and several gaming PCs.

5) Herman Miller Motia Gaming Desk

  • Dimensions: 60″ x 30″ x 46″
  • Max Load: 200 pounds
  • Height Adjustable: 27″ to 46″

Herman Miller Motia Gaming Desk can support up to 200 pounds. It has enough space two monitors and the PC peripherals. It is definitely the best standing desk for gaming.

So, whether you want to stand or sit down, you can elevate your gaming experience with the best gaming desks that fits your need perfectly. So, choose the one which is best for you and you are good to go.

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