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Gamers, Who are the celebrities, that were gamer earlier?

Many well-known actors, musicians, and athletes are enthusiastic gamers. We listed a few celebrities who like to play video games on PCs while others prefer to play old-school arcade matches. Even four popular Hollywood actors play Xbox collectively. 

Megan Fox & Mila Kunis are among the girl gamers. Megan prefers to play Mortal Kombat. A few other star girl gamers include Aisha Tyler & Olivia Munn. 

Some quite famous men are gamers as well. Will Arnett reportedly plays Xbox with Jerry O’Connell, Jason, and Justin Theroux.

Moreover, there are more Gamers, who became celebs.

He stated that – I consider myself a gamer. When you look at the time spent while gaming vs any other entertainment breaks, whether it’s watching TV, movies, etc, for me, I spend more time gaming. I need video games to be entertaining. You’ll realize that video games are a true outlet that has to be taken seriously. Other stardom who play video games includes Justin Bieber, Christian Slater, and Zac Efron, Henry Cavill, etc. 

  • Zac Efron

Zac Efron is popular in his group for playing a bunch of video games. In 2007, he put his gamer side on parade when he entertained the Halo 3 release event in LA. Sadly, his at-the-time girlfriend Vanessa was not excited about his midnight dedication to gaming and, at one point, seemingly gave him the term of either staying with her or getting rid of his Xbox. They have broken up and have not been on conversing terms. But at least Efron is available to get all those Killtaculars in Halo 5.

  • Christian Slater

Not many stars declare that they starred in a 2 hr Nintendo Commercial. But Slater did. The Wizard has become a cult classic since its theatrical launch in 1989 and it adds something special to his gaming cred. While he concedes to had been really into video games as a teen, when his acting career took off in the 90s he did not have much time. Until he was preparing for his role in the movie correspondence of the video game Alone in the Dark and one of his co-stars got him pinned to World of Warcraft.

  • Henry Cavill

Back before Henry had landed the role of Superman in Man of Steel officially, he was truly into World of Warcraft. So much that it could have almost cost him the position.

When Zack called to offer him the character, Henry was right in the middle of a major World of Warcraft session and he ignored the call. Fortunately, he answered the call immediately after logging off & yet the part wasn’t taken away that moment.

There are many other casts, we’ll get back to it soon.


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