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Frozen 3: is it going to happen? Check out the details here!

Disney’s infamous Frozen is expected to come up with its third part. People want the movie to complete the Frozen trilogy. The remarkable success of Frozen 2 has led to the demand for another part. There is a high probability that Frozen might return for the third run. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Elsa and Anna fulfill their journey soon.

About Frozen

The story of Frozen revolves around two sisters, Elsa and Anna. They are the princesses of Arendelle. Elsa is the elder one, and she has magical powers. She can control and create ice and snow. Elsa accidentally injured Anna with her magic while playing. Subsequently, Elsa ended all contacts with Anna to protect her from her uncontrollable magic.

When Elsa turns 21, she is crowned to be the Queen of Arendelle. During the coronation, a rift between Elsa and Anna causes Elsa to unleash her powers. Elsa’s powers are exposed; hence, she runs to the Northern Mountains. She acknowledges her power by building a snow castle. As a result, her magic engulfs Arendelle in an eternal winter. Therefore, Anna set on a journey to find her sister and break the curse. On her way, she is accompanied by an iceman, his loyal reindeer, and a naive snowman.

Source: Illinois Times

The second part of the movie was released in 2017. Three years later, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven follow a mysterious voice from Enchanted Forest. They discover the origin of Elsa’s magical powers and save their kingdom. In conclusion, Elsa ends up residing in the North to protect the forest.

Awards won by series.

The Frozen series has won 5 Annie Awards and a BAFTA Award. The song ‘Let it Go’ has won a Grammy and an Academy Award. Also, Frozen is the first film by Walt Disney Animation Studios to win Academy Awards for Best Animation feature.

Frozen 3 Updates

Frozen 3 is supposed to be the last movie of the franchise. However, there is no confirmation regarding the same. Frozen 2’s director Marc Smith said that they haven’t discussed it. He said, “I think Frozen 2 is still too close to everyone’s minds and ideas to think about what happens beyond that.”

The plot for Frozen 3 is yet to be discussed. However, the fans have already started predicting the story. People believe Elsa will be displayed with more powers. Also, fans are hoping that Elsa might finally find her love interest. It is highly expected that Honeymaren will be shown as Elsa’s partner.

Besides, Jennifer Lee of Walt Disney Animation Studios also hinted about the story. She said, “Frozen 3 will have the best storyline and portrayal of characters added with some funny moments”. The movie is expected to drop by the end of 2023.

Meanwhile, in 2020 Disney Plus has brought an original short “Once Upon a Snowman”. The story centers Olaf the snowman. It will release on 23 October.

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