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Friends Season 11,Will the new season of Friends happening or not?

Friends Season 11

Friends Season 11

Who is not a fan of Friends? Who is not aware of the series? Every single fan out there is eagerly waiting for a new season. Friends are literally ruling every fan’s heart. Everyone out there, just popping their heart out with excitement when it comes to the release of Friends season 11. Friends series has created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. It is an American television series. The famous series has aired on the NBC network. It has aired from September 22 in the year 1994 to May 6, 2004. It has successfully completed its 10 seasons. As of now, there are some speculations about season 11 of the series that whether Friends Season 11 is coming or not.

With an incredible cast, the series focuses on six friends who are in their 20s and 30s and they live in Manhattan. The series was first to be named as Insomnia café, but after various changes, the makers named it as Friends.

The premise of the show

The background of the story goes like Rachel Green, a friendly woman, who flees on her day of the wedding and a wealthy marriage yet an unsatisfied life. She then finds her childhood friend named Monica Geller who is a very caring chef. After this, Rachel gets a job as a waitress at a coffee house named Central Perk. Rachel and Monica then become roommates sharing Monica’s apartment which is located above the café Central Perk. Gradually, Rachel joins in Monica’s group of single people who are in their mid-20s. They are her before roommate Phoebe Buffay who is an eccentric and innocent masseuse. Her neighbor Joey Tribbiani is a much loyal actor who is struggling and also a womanizer. Then in the group is Chandler Bing, Joey’s roommate the sarcastic and funny IT manager. Chandler’s college roommate is Ross Geller; he is a sweet yet insecure paleontologist.

The show revolves around them and their life-changing happenings in Central Perk. The comic incidents and their exploration of relationships on various aspects of life make up the show. The series focuses on how these friends are leading their life under various circumstances and obstacles.

Who made the series so popular?

  • Jennifer Aniston plays the character of Rachel Green in the show.
  • Courteney Cox takes up the role of Monica Geller.
  • Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay in the show.
  • Matt LeBlancis playing the role of Joey Tribbiani.
  • Matthew Perryportraying the character of Chandler Bing
  • David Schwimmer plays the role of Ross Geller in Friends.


How was the series accepted?

The show was acclaimed with mixed reviews in the beginning. It was later among the top shows. Friends got a total of 62 nominations of Emmy awards. Throughout its run in all ten seasons, it became the most-watched and popular show. The ratings were really good for the show. The show still is now among the best series and it is still revolving around their mind and hearts.

Is Friends Season 11 coming anytime soon?

There were some rumors coming along that there would the release of season 11. The date that happened to be was May 2020. The reunion of dreams of millions of fans was to happen. But maybe due to the pandemic the release is yet to happen. The makers have not yet confirmed from their end. We really hope that the fans get their dream fulfilled of the reunion in the 25 yrs anniversary.

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