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Fortnite Season 5 patch gets ATK, new UI, gamplay and more

Fortnite Season 5 patch gets ATK, new UI, gamplay and more

Fortnite Season 5 patch update is finally here and its developer Epic Games has already started rolling it out across all platforms around the world. The new update brings new content, bug fixes, and tweaks and much more to the users. The update for battle royale mode includes the all-new All Terrain Kart (ATK), a vehicle on which, an entire squad can travel together.

The developer released the patch notes that dictates all minor and major changes and tweaks made to the Season 5 of Fortnite battle royale mode. The patch new offers the number of pellets hit by a shotgun where a heavy shotgun now carries 10 pellets instead of 5. The patch has tweaked the damage drop-off profile for SMSes with a change in damage at various distances.

As per the gameplay, the Season 5 patch offers an ATK which is a new vehicle that can carry a whole squad with a bounce pad roof and ability to jump higher by leaning backward and then, releasing it.

The map has been updated with new locations such as Paradise Palms, Desert, Lazy Links. The game has changed the storm circles works and how it appears. The user will be able to complete the season of the game progressively. The Nintendo Switch has received motion/gyro controls that can be tweaked in the settings menu. Further, the user can emote stop sprinting. Unlike its previous patch, the player will now be able to see outside the water if he/she is walking in lakes.

As per the bugs are concerned, the first storm circles will cause 1 damage. The player can deactivate autorun while using the shipping cart. Autorun will no longer activate while walking backward. The developers have also fixed the bug that causes an interruption in some weapons animations.

Overall, the developer Epic Games has boosted the performance of the game at both game client and server. It has changed the user interface such as now, you can zoom in and zoom out on a map much faster and smoother with the controller. On the other hand, The Save The World mode has received plenty of bug fixes, UI changes, and tweaks. The players can download the Fortnite Season 5 patch from the respective app stores.

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